The Value of Landscape Design

Landscape design is about proper planning and problem solving. With design/build landscaping, the initial investment is in the design process. Landscape design is about solving problems within a landscape: problems with form, function, aesthetics or a combination of all three. It is the landscape designer’s ability to address these problems using art, science, experience and expertise together into a beautiful landscape that takes your vision and enhances it.

Correcting problems within a given landscape first means identifying them. During a site consultation, the landscape designer evaluates the site’s conditions along with influencing factors such as the site’s existing features, the home’s architectural style, sunlight and wind exposure, grading, and soil conditions. Your functional needs for the landscape along with your budget are also factored into the equation by the landscape designer. Exercising sound horticultural knowledge, utilizing design principals and building on experience acquired from hands-on involvement in numerous installations, the landscape designer lays out the “map” to deliver the landscape you desire.

A well designed and properly installed landscape can increase your property value up to 15% while enhancing your quality of living.

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