Environmental Services

At Chesapeake Landscape & Design we understand the environmental concerns of this beautiful region. Taking care of our surrounding environment protects natural habitats, recreational and commercial fishing, tourism, and property values. The following methods can be incorporated into both residential and commercial properties.

Rain Gardens filter excess water that would otherwise flow directly into the Chesapeake Bay. When water is able to soak into the ground and pass through vegetation, damaging nutrients from fertilizers and other pollutants are filtered and removed. Rain Gardens absorb an estimated 30% more water than the same square footage of turf.

Wetland Mitigation is a closely monitored process that compensates for areas that impact our ever important wetland regions. When all possible means to reduce impact have been satisfied, native trees, shrubs and perennials, along with Rain Gardens and Bio Retention Ponds, are used to offset the remaining loss of affected wetlands. A wetland mitigation design is created and installed using these environmental techniques, with approval from state and local officials.

Living Shorelines are designed to stabilize our shoreline and reduce erosion using natural materials, native plants and marsh grasses. A Living Shoreline also creates a protective habitat for Chesapeake Bay wildlife.

Phragmites Control is another closely monitored way to slow down the spread of invasive phragmites along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Phragmites are marsh grasses that do not allow native plant species to grow and benefit wildlife habitats. Chesapeake Landscape & Design can assist with permitting required for both homeowners and businesses.

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