Irrigation: Residential & Commercial

Every landscape is comprised of “zones” that have their own special watering needs depending on the plant types, soil type and sun exposure. Today’s sophisticated irrigation systems can be programmed to deliver the right amount of water to the right areas at the right time. After all, your lawn may need more water than some of your landscape plants.

Many irrigation systems come equipped with controllers that make the system weather-wise by automatically shutting down when Mother Nature steps in with rain and starting up again when the weather dries up. In some areas of a landscape, the most efficient way to water individual plants is to use drip rather than a spray. Installed at or below grade for safety and efficiency, drips are ideal for odd-shaped designs, shrubs and the deep watering of trees without runoff.

If you have invested in a professional landscape, an irrigation system isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Why? Because an accurate, dependable irrigation system not only picks up where Mother Nature leaves off, it can actually conserve water while saving you time and money.

Save Time. An automatic irrigation system takes the work out of watering your landscape. You can forget about tripping over sprinklers and hauling hoses around the yard.

Save Money. How many times have you forgotten to water your lawn and other landscape plants only to over water them when you remember? This leads to brown spots and muddy puddles in the lawn and damage to expensive plants. An automatic system ends those mishaps, protecting and extending the life of your landscape.

Save Water. If you’re like most homeowners, you’re using up to 50% more water than your landscape requires. The solution isn’t just watering less but watering more efficiently. This means the right amount of water, evenly distributed, in right place at the right time.

In addition to installing new systems and expanding or repairing existing ones, Chesapeake offers maintenance packages that include system inspections, spring start-up and winterization services.

Protect your landscape investment with a custom irrigation system designed specifically for your site and expertly installed by Chesapeake Landscape & Design. Talk to a Chesapeake Irrigation Specialist to discover the irrigation system that will work best for your landscape.

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